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A line of products developed directly by and from the sea.
The main characteristic is that all products are made with the concentrated decoction of seaweeds and marine plants gathered from the area near the spa.

All our products have an exceptionally high vitamin, protein, iron and especially sulphur and organic iodine content.
In fact, it’s just like having the sea within easy reach, and since Venus, goddess of beauty, was born from sea-foam ...
The ALGHELBA™ beauty care line has a particularly toning, revitalising action on the skin of the face and body, and is an excellent aid in the treatment of all skin beauty problems (fluid retention cellulite, excess sebum secretion, etc.).
The raw materials are taken from the spa area. The products, made within the facility, have always been used as adjuvants in the spa treatments, and are now also utilised in the Wellness Centre for customised treatments.

Clients can purchase products from the internal store to maintain the beneficial effects of the treatments received even after they have returned home.

  • At the store within the spa facility
  • By sending a fax (0565.918791) or an email ( specifying the products chosen, your address and telephone number and your tax-payer code. Products are dispatched by post, with postal charges for the purchaser’s account and payment cash on delivery. Only the cost of the C.O.D. payment is charged on orders of over € 100,00 (for deliveries in Italy).