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Who we are

 Portoferraio Gulf - San Giovanni Spa - wellness center The Spa, built in 1963, offers patients qualified staff providing mud treatments, baths and inhalation therapies, also by National Health Service prescription, as well as hydromassages, massages and, in the Wellness Centre, beauty treatments (manicure, pedicure and facial and body treatments).

The fields of action are decided by the raw materials used: sea mud is used to treat arthritis, acne, psoriasis and cellulite; seaweed and marine plants, which grow wild near the spa, are used to make decoctions that are added to the water, with its sodium and iodide salts, for use both in the bathing therapy which complements the mud treatments and for the treatment of other disorders.

The Centre offers thalassotherapy enhanced with the Alghelba™ decoction, used for antistress and anticellulite treatments, and especially recommended for patients suffering from circulatory problems in their legs (Spa Week). The sodium salt iodide salt water is effective in the treatment of diseases of the upper and lower respiratory systems (sinusitis, rhinitis, pharyngolaryngitis, bronchitis).

The marine flora is also used in decoction form for the production of the Alghelba™ line of personal care and cosmetic products, available from the centre.
Separate mention should be made of the Physiokinesitherapy Centre, open all year, with its top-class instrumentation and professionals.


Elba Island - Wellness center San Giovanni Spa - sea mud treatments Silt, in constant contact with seawater, comprises an organic part, consisting of the marine flora which grows wild in the spa area, and an inorganic part including iodine, sulphur, potassium, sodium, iron, salts, etc. Thanks to this specific composition, it is indicated for the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, fractures, acne and psoriasis, as well as for beauty therapies for skin blemishes, to delay skin ageing and to stimulate the local subcutaneous fat metabolism (cellulite).

It is spread on the skin at a temperature of about 38°C in a "jacket" or thin layer, taking care not to expose the patients to excessive stimuli such as the weight of a heavy mud pack or intense heat, not always well tolerated. University studies have also demonstrated the usefulness of silt application in the home, using single-dose packs for face masks, 500 g. packs, or packs of powdered silt together with powdered seaweeds and marine plants, diluted with the decoction, for the treatment of mono-articular arthritis, psoriasis lesions and other skin lesions of limited area.


San Giovanni Spa - Elba - seaweed treatment - sea mud - wellness center This product is obtained through the special processing of the seaweed and marine plants that grow wild in the San Giovanni Spa area. The processing method consists of maceration, filtering, boiling and concentration. University analyses have revealed that these seaweeds and marine plants contain iodine, sulphur (hydrogen sulphide), mineral salts, vitamins, proteins and alginic acid.

When used to enrich a normal or hydromassage bath, the active substances help:
- to combat arthritis
- to eliminate fatigue (elimination of lactic acid)
- to make the skin supple and soft
- to facilitate the lymph and vein circulation of the legs
- to combat stress

100 ml. in the water of an ordinary or hydromassage bath;
on a sponge for premassage rubs.