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What is the entrance charge?

There is no charge for entrance to the spa grounds. For the cost of the individual treatments, refer to the Tariffs section.

Is there a swimming-pool?

The focus of our facility is on treatment. Instead of a swimming-pool, we have individual baths, with or without hydromassage, for bathing therapy, which may be complementary to mud therapy.

How can I book my stay?

We are only a spa and do not offer accommodation. For a choice of accommodation, refer to the Recommended Hotels section, where you will find a list of the establishments that offer special terms to spa patients.

Do I have to book treatments or can I just turn up at the Spa ?

Bookings are necessary for mud-bath treatments: at least two weeks before the treatment starting date (during June and September, as much as three weeks or a month in advance). Bookings are not required for the inhalation treatments, which only take place in the mornings (from Monday to Saturday) from 08:30 to 10:30. Patients should arrive by 09:30 on the first day to complete the bureaucratic formalities and have their medical examination. For one-off treatments (hydromassages, massages and beauty treatments) simply telephone (0565.914680) a day or two in advance to arrange the time. Naturally we never turn anyone away, but those who do not book risk long waits, especially in the busiest months.

Can I arrange inhalation and mud-bath treatments in the same year with payment of the NHS prescription charge only?

No, unless you are in a special category of patient. The NHS only covers one cycle of treatment per calendar year. If you wish to do both, you will enjoy a 20% discount on your second spa treatment cycle.

I am a spa sector professional/physician/tourism professional: where can I obtain more detailed information?

Contact us by telephone (0565.914680) or by email we will send you detailed informative documentation.

I would like to make a gift of a beauty/spa treatment/treatment cycle. How can I do this?

If you are on the Island of Elba, you may visit our offices and choose from the many offers available. You will be issued with an invoice and a voucher to be given to the recipient. If you are not on the island, please consult the Tariffs section, make your choice and then contact us by telephone (0565.914680) or by email we will provide you with the bank details for the bank transfer (please fax the receipt to 0565.918791 or send it by email) and then send you an invoice together with a voucher to be given to the recipient.

I have private health insurance. How can I obtain a refund for the treatments?

We operate under a convention with the National Health Service, so a prescription from their family doctor entitles patients to one treatment cycle per annum (mud-bath or inhalation treatments), with payment of the prescription charge where due (depending on age and income). Anyone wishing to receive more than one treatment cycle, or treatments not covered by the NHS (massages, rehabilitation, etc.) can apply to their insurance company for a refund, submitting the invoice for the treatments together with a doctor's prescription (consult your insurer for details of the relevant procedures).

Do I have to have a minimum number of treatments?

You may have just one, but for therapeutic benefits at least 6 sessions are required. If prescribed by a doctor, treatments are exempt from VAT.